Tammy had a question regarding cameras

    “The photos remind me of a question I’ve been meaning to ask…..what sort of digital camera are you using now. The photos are just beautiful. I’m thinking of upgrading my Sony DSC.”

And I thought I post that here so I can always find it again:)

Tammy, on this trip we used 3 different cameras. My main is a Canon Powershot SD30 which I use mainly for all pics and also most of the video.

Unless I want to do longer video and better quality, then I take my older Sanyo, which still does a great job, but takes a while to open / get ready, so not that great for spontaneous shots. This cam also has a very powerful zoom, so I used it’s still photo function a lot on the safari. It is more of a digital video camera actually with still function. At the time I bought it (March 2004) it was the perfect hybrid for me.

And last but not least, Ritsu has the Canon Powershot SD20 (which I also used before) … I really like the Canon cameras .. I had a Casio in between, which was very small and fun (most of the early Fiji pics were taken with that one) but towards the end the flash went totally out of synch. It really depends on what you want from a camera. For me: it has to be small … A big camera can do all kinds of tricks .. But if it is too bulky for my to bring it with me all the time, it is worthless. Size of the back LCD … Yeah .. They are getting bigger and bigger … But really .. They eat up a lot of battery .. So .. I am fine with small. Zoom: Not really a need for me .. I prefer point and shoot. My main cam has now a 3x zoom, which is nice, but not used very often. View finder: Mine had none .. And I am very happy I saved space that way. Megapixel: 3, 5, 7 .. And more and more …it really depends what you end up doing with the pictures … I hardly ever print pictures .. My main use is online. Email / website .. On the other hand, I take a LOT of pictures .. And they eat up space on my computer .. So .. I am happy with 5 mpx .. And I am not even using that resolution.

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2 Responses to Tammy had a question regarding cameras

  1. Tammy says:

    Well, Peter, what a delight to have you answer my question so deliberately and fully even while on your Safari vacation. Thanks for all the information. I’ll research the Canon SD30….I love the look of it so far (of course, I’ll buy Red). My Sony is giving me trouble indoors and I’m not sure whether the Canon will do the same…but all your photos always look great. Thanks for taking time and making my question so special on your blog! Don’t know why, but I’m awfully hungry for shrimp right now!

  2. Peter says:

    Tammy, psst … but we are back in Italy as of last night … i just had no time yet to blog all the stuff in between I have lined up … so .. :) the SD 30 is indeed very nice .. I also found my old post when I got it here. The thing with the zoom lense tends to make it like half a second slower in getting open and ready … also what I like about the canon cams, they have built in lens covers … nothing to lose and lense always protected .. i think by now I have owned 4 generations of Canon digital cams ..

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