Beach Clean up Hikkaduwa

Today’s fun activity was joining a beach clean up organized by Julius’ school.

We only had to drive to OSC (half hour on early Sundays) and then we hopped on a bus which brought us to the beach of Hikkaduwa in about 2h.

First we set up camp at the public beach area and got ready for some snorkeling (more on that tomorrow), but after one hour we got a briefing, check list and 2 different types of bags .. and off we went down the beach for a total of 2km in the sun, picking up all kinds of litter.

I found the beach actually cleaner than expected (and compared to the public beach at Negombo a few weeks ago) but still, we kept finding bits and pieces. Quite some discarded plastic & glass bottles and their seal wrappers, cigarette butts and all kinds of plastic trash

The beach combing tourists looked at us with bewilderment, but I actually had one local guy thanking me for cleaning up their beach.

In the end, look at those full sacks!

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