Saturday delights

This Saturday we combined the time around violin practice (earlier this weekend at 1PM) with a couple of fun activities:

For lunch Julius had requested to check out Dinemore, a chain store which he got to know via his Friday lunch club meetings at school. As it happens, there is an outlet close to the violin place and off we went.

As I read later, this place is know for being tasty because they generously use mayo on pretty much everything! Also, my ‘grilled’ chicken was deep fried. Not sure I want to repeat this, as tasty as it was.

Tummys filled, it was time for violin. Can you guess what popular tune Julius is working on here? One of his 3 ABSRM pieces.

Another item on Julius’ wishlist was to return to ‘Simply Strawberry’, which also has several outlets around the country, and this one was opposite the park we were close by, so we had a nice stroll through this park, with several animal encounters.

Julius was very happy to have strawberries with cream again, while I indulged in a piece of cheesecake with strawberries. No more food for me today!

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