Cooking Bobotie (South African meat pie with egg custard topping)

For dinner we had Adwoa and a new colleague of Ritsu, Ayse, over, and finally I could try the very typical Cape Town dish: Bobotie.

We had bobotie twice on our trip, the first time at the wine festival in Stellenbosch (which was excellent) and then again at the dinner buffet at Aquila (this time it was somewhat too sweet and needed quite some extra hot sauce).

The recipe in my Cape Town cook book was asking for buttermilk, one of the things unknown to the Italian market, so I look around on google and found several recipe variations, some of them using regular milk, some of them using chutney instead of apricot jam (In Cape Town it was usually served with chutney on the side).

Instead of posting one of the recipes here, I recommend to check out several of them and then adjust to what you have (e.g. you don’t need lamb, but you can use chicken, beef, even fish). My other 2 pieces of advice: make sure it does not turn out to sweet, it is not a cake! And be very careful when using tumeric, as it has incredible staining power.

My secret ingredient is some chipotle Tabasco which is milder than the regular Tabasco, but adds a nice smokey flavor.

With that we had yellow rice (just add some tumeric to the cooking water) and a salad, desert was watermelon and a sip of Amarula! Enjoy.

As I hear, longtime reader Koomi is already working on his own version! Way to go! (Yes, some recipe ideas suggest bananas on top, though I have not seen that in Cape Town)

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4 Responses to Cooking Bobotie (South African meat pie with egg custard topping)

  1. Jennifer says:

    Mmmmmm that looks good.

    Asolo is pretty near to us. We’re in A[edited]o, but I don’t like to let it be known on my site. It’s so small, I’m sure you can see why.

  2. Mom101 says:

    I’m sorry, every time I see that word I think it says BOOBIE.

    I am far to immature for you; or I’d invite myself over for dinner immediately.

  3. Peter says:

    Mom 101: It is actually pronounced “boo-boo-tee” … so .. you have all the right reasons :)

  4. s@bd says:


    I want some!!

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