My birthday yukata

I just realize that I have not posted this picture of my wonderful yukata yet. Ritsu had her mom bring that from Japan and gave it to me a bit early (pic was taken early July). As mentioned before she also gave me that great Cape Town cook book. Thanks my love and thanks to everyone for the nice birthday wishes!

Also a great pic to see the size difference between me and Julius :)

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4 Responses to My birthday yukata

  1. Tammy says:

    And pic is when you had hair!!!!!!!! By the way, seeing how tall you are…how is Julius faring in the growth chart….is he average, above average?????

  2. Peter says:

    Another excellent question Tammy. And I think it is tricky to answer … because … what would his average be? I bet he is above average for a Japanese boy, but I haven’t checked the growth charts for norther European boys recently. I checked the US tables and it appears that he is slighty above average. But I need to take fresh measures again (we weighed him last on the luggage scale at check-in at South Africa … or course with his clothing on, and he was like 13.5 kg, not sure how accurate these scales are :)

  3. Ritsu says:

    Sweetie… I think Tammy is asking about hight and not weight…

  4. Peter says:

    But when you look at the growth chart I have linked to .. it tracks height and weight in relation to each other .. so .. I took a combined view :)

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