Xmas Day

Starting the day with presents, as usual. But boy, Santa is having a hard time with 13 year olds. Really hard to get some presents when even the young teenager has no idea what he wants (other than online game store cards)

While it was not the pile of bounty from the previous years, kiddo was happy.



The weather outside was beautiful and we set off for a morning walk to Komeda’s CafĂ© to have thick slices of buttered toast for breakfast.
Yes, somehow this has become a Japanese thing (cultural appropriation I guess)

While Ritsu had a lunch appointment with her friend Utako, I kept Julius and myself busy, first with a 5km bike tour to ‘Victoria’, a sport-goods store not too far, hoping to find some sneakers for Julius and myself. But I ended up with only finding some nice running gloves.

And then I convinced the young man to go on a second tour, this time with him on the bike and me running. Heading for Don Quixote, this quirky novelty / bit of everything store.

It is great to sense that things are actually not that far apart once you can run the 3km distance in 15-18 minutes, depending on those darn train crossings, which would open only very briefly but mainly stay closed for like 4 trains.

On our way back this crossing was open and I quickly stopped to get this sunset picture:


This blue-to-orange glow kept on lingering for a good while and I had one more short outdoor walk before dinner.

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