Kusatsu dinner

Coming back in from the cold, it was time for our first rounds of hot baths (sorry, no pictures of this, by now they have big signs all over that one shall not bring their phones into the onsen area, which I totally understand.)

And then soon it was time for dinner, which was a feast!

Unlike other places we had stayed before, dinner was not served in the room, nor in a private dining room, but in a communal / restaurant style dining hall, which was nice as well.

There was a bit of everything: grilled fish, beef, sashimi, chicken, soup .. you name it. All arranged super pretty.

The only thing Julius really objected to was the snail, which was actually also very yummy.





I felt like one more walk after dinner to see the ‘illumination’ of the center hot spring area, which was mainly one big light changing the color of the steam from white, to yellow, to purple, to blue and then again to white.

Nicely tired, well fed, travelled and bathed out, we lounged in our futons and watched some song contest on TV and then all slept very well.

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