Breakfast / Snow run at -6˚C

We all slept very well, got up for a quick hot bath and then went in our PJs / robes to have breakfast:

More delectable bites served on pretty plates / bowls / things … this time tofu with mushroom and greens was the table heated dish, while there was also a nice big piece of grilled salmon, some egg tartlet, salad, pickles … YUM!

As beautiful as this winter wonderland is, it is slippery and not easy to run. But after this lavish dinner last night (and this very nice breakfast), I really wanted to get my daily run in and I had found a nice loop on Strava.

Little did I know that the temperature was -6˚C. It felt cold, yes, but only later did I check just how low it was.

But overall it was ok, I am actually surprised about my pace on this run, often it felt like I had to carefully tip-toe over icy patches or jump to the side to make space for cars.

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