Return from Kusatsu / Bakatare #5

One thing we could not do last time we were in Kusatsu was go and watch the bath house show, in which some singers / dancers show the old style way the hot water was moved around to get to lower heat levels.

Back in 2015, they were rebuilding that show bath house, but there are some older videos on YouTube, showing that it pretty much looked the same.

But here is now my own little 1 minute video, taken from the top balcony for better view.

There was also the promise of audience participation and Ritsu did her best to usher Julius in the right direction so that he would get his turn. This is the best shot I got from this:

But somehow it did not work out / he was overlooked. According to Ritsu the lady she talked to ignored him after she heard that he does not speak Japanese.

Mama Bear complained later to one of the employees there and received the lowest possible bow of shame and apology, but not much else.

So we enjoyed the blue sky, cold air and just walked it off.

And another foot bath for R&J, same spot as 3 winters ago:

Although lunch time, we were still pretty full from breakfast and just some onigiri for the bus trip would do. The hotel shuttled us to the bus terminal and at 2PM we boarded our comfy Highway Express Bus for our return trip.

Once back in Shinjuku we decided to have one last bowl of Bakatare ramen, so off to Sengawa we took the train.

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