Bike trip to Chofu / yakiniku dinner

Our last full day in Japan! Time has come again already to try to get some last things done.

Starting with another run, and while warmer, 0 ˚C is still pretty cold, but the rising sun turned everything very beautiful. Did the Gojira / TOHO round again.

Ritsu had some errands to run, so I planned for J and myself to take the bicycles and ride all the way to Chofu, 5km away, where we checked out a new Bic Camera store and briefly met with Ritsu & her mom.

Julius got to play with computer setups, gacha machines and random dogs.

On our way we also discovered that our favorite mayonnaise maker Kewpie has an office building along the way.

The afternoon was occupied with packing and for dinner we had one last family outing to a yakiniku place in Sengawa, lots of tasty meats and fun burning it ourselves right at the table.

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