Return to Sri Lanka

To catch our Airport Express Bus from Ginza to Narita on time, we had to leave the house by 6AM.

The only way for me to squeeze in a morning run was to set my alarm to 3:50AM, do my morning meditation, get dressed and hit the pavement by 4:20AM.

Not as cold as the days before, and wonderfully eery, with barely any cars around at this hour.

Obachan & Ojichan both came and helped us getting everything to Ginza. Everything went smoothly and soon we were on our bus to the airport. At 1000¥ p.p. Ritsu must have found the best deal to get to the airport from the city.

Since we arrived early we had ample time to get through security and then explore Narita’s shopping options, while Julius found a very comfortable seating area with charging outlets where he could hang out and guard our stuff.

Boarding and getting on the plane was on time and pretty smooth. We all scored exit row seats this time, well, for R&J it was the middle part, which technically is not at an exit, hence children can sit there. Still, it comes with extra leg room.

I was right by the window and as luck would have it, the seat next to me remained unoccupied.

We got moving on time, but the queue on the tarmac was long, so it took us 40 minutes from leaving the gate to getting off the ground.

But once up there, we were treated to a gorgeous look of Tokyo against Mt. Fuji in the distance.

The flight was long, we had lunch and dinner, I got to sleep just a tiny little bit, thanks to the extra space I actually got my computer out and started sorting through vacation photos.

We landed pretty much on time and witnessed our first Sri Lankan sunset of 2018 as we touched down.

Once we left the plane, we got the local VIP treatment again, which meant direct bus from gate to special waiting area, there they dealt with getting our luggage and clear our passports (no lining up at all!) and our driver was already waiting for us to get us home.

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