Udon lunch in Kusatsu

After checking in (but rooms not ready yet), we walked around to look for food. we had our mind set on some hot udon soup and found a promising place quite quickly.

Here they serve a local kind of very broad udon noodle, which still cooks for 5 minutes in its broth at the table, hence they come with a 5 minute sand timer.

All very nice and tasty.


After lunch we walked around a bit more, exploring again the center hot spring area with all its steamy glory.

…before we headed back to our hotel and got into our beautiful, traditional Japanese room.


I really wanted to get some more running in, taking advantage of the colder climate and the wonderful winter air.

But the road conditions proofed to be quite a challenge. And since I already had done a morning run, I was ok with only 15 minutes this time.

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