Why so serious?

Vacation is over and we are back to 8AM violin classes on Saturdays.

Yesterday was the deadline for sign up for his next ABRSM exam and his teacher kindly took care of that. I am not sure, but if I recall correctly, the exam is some time in March.

And while he is doing ok with his 3 pieces, he still needs to crank it up on scales and ‘aural’, also, no idea yet how / who is going to do the piano accompaniment. Back at UNIS / UMA, that was all very well organized. While here, we have very little time to discuss things with the teacher.

Once that was done and I dropped Julius off, I wanted to go to the gym. But there was some kind of walkathon going on and the roads were clogged up, so, instead I decided to run.
Today’s Outdoor Run:
Over to the coast, which is always a hairy traffic mess, and then down and up Marine Drive.
At 9AM it was already 27˚C, and just last week I was running in -6˚C. Can’t help it, just keep on running …

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