Remember those posts when I was whining about Julius not being a good sleeper?

Well, I think since we stopped the whole bottle thing earlier this year things have gotten much better … he sleeps pretty much through the night and does not wake up to early (of course there are exceptions, like weekends, when he gets up extra early.)

A bit of an issue from time to time is the dreaded ‘bedtime’ call. On few occasions he actually listens and runs to the bedroom and hops in, waiting for us to come and read a book and cuddle. But other times he clearly says ‘no bed’ … and then it can get hairy …. and then sometimes he is sneaky and just keeps asking for something to drink or something to eat, everything that will extend his waking period … but I have been cracking down on that and often just say ‘no, you had enough food, you brushed your teeth already’ and things like that … and .. from time to time it works …

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