Violin & SCUBA

Full program today.

After an unexpected morning run, over breakfast and getting ready for violin, Julius asked “Don’t I have SCUBA today?”.

And yes, apparently over all that party planning I had forgotten about his SCUBA schedule and we quickly had to rush and make sure that he also packs everything for that, as we would have to go straight after violin to his school.

So, he focused for 30 minutes on his instrument and then we rushed across town, arriving 5 minutes late, only to find that one other student was 40 minutes late.

And then I got to hang out with Julius and his SCUBA gang outdoors by the pool and the one thing we forgot to pack in the morning rush was SUNSCREEN!

I was also in the pool a lot. During their breaks I swam laps and when they were doing skills under water, I tried my best to capture some of it with my cheap-ass no-display action cam. Having no display means that you have to aim as well as you think you are correct, but upon checking the footage later, most of the time I was aiming too low.

But this clip, showing how Julius is mastering his ‘take mask off under water, put on again and clear’ skill came out quite well.

Very proud of his performance and hard to believe that in a few weeks they will do their 4 open water check out dives and then he will be a certified PADI diver!

Needless to say that I walked away from this long day in the sun with a massive sunburn!

Today’s Outdoor Run: I usually do NOT run Saturday mornings, it remains the only day of the week that I get to ‘sleep in’ until 6:45AM.

But somehow I was up at 6 and thought I can still squueze in a quick 5K

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