Sick Kitten

Our cat had a bit of vomiting earlier this week, but appeared to get better, until yesterday, when she puked again and this time we were certain there was blood in it … so, off to the vet with her.

The doctor was unnervingly chipper when she diagnosed that the kitten most likely has feline panleukopenia, which she explained in a cheerful voice is ‘very common, and very fatal’! But we would need to wait for the blood test to confirm and just to be sure, they will start aggressive treatment with antibiotics, vitamins and a saline drip to keep her hydrated.

She had to stay over night in this small cage at the vet.

Today then, after Julius’ return from school trip, we went to visit her. The blood test results are not 100% obvious, which could mean we caught it early and she seems to be getting better.

The big issue here is that currently the most basic vaccination pack for kittens ‘Tricat’ is not available anywhere on the island. The vets are quite desperate about this because they see many cats die of this (and other easy-to-prevent diseases)

She needs to stay one more night at the vet (at least) and then we shall see.

Today’s Outdoor Run
Couldn’t join last night’s Night Run, so I went long this morning, despite still feeling a bit under the weather (sore throat, slimed up, coughing).

Started slow, but picked up pace once I chased other runners in VMD park.

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