Sunday Run & Movie

Another Sunday, another run.

Fun group, guest from Kenya who I ended up running with most of the time, with our same black shorts and neon yellow shirts + same hair style, I bet people thought we are twins. He also kept me at a good pace.

Click here to see the above pic in a 7 sec video clip. (thanks Sam for the clip)

Afterwards we tried a new rehydration place called ‘Juice Mo’, where I was introduced to Karapincha, which is an herbal drink, karapincha being curry leave, the whole thing tasting very healthy, bitter, but also a little sweet / sour. Must be good for your body! Like blending grass into your apple juice 😀

For our family mid day entertainment we went to watch “The Shape of Water”.

I was very curious to see if the film would be in anyway censored / cut / edited. After seeing that we had a blurred out middle finger in “Black Panther”, I was ready for story changing omissions, but no, neither did they object to Julius watching the movie, nor were there any edits, we got full frontal fish monster nudity :)

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