Sorry for the lack of updates (scroll down, there is some new stuff) … I am still writing them, but for now I am posting them only privately.

I have recently been asked if there is a way to make the blog less accessible for every Tom, Dick and Harry googling our names & I am considering options, like slapping a password on it … but for that I need to know who my remaining 3-5 readers are to keep them in the loop.

If you want to be considered for the inner password circle, please de-lurk and leave a comment.

Other option is that I just keep our stories to well, food porn, cats pic and my running stats … we shall see.

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10 Responses to Changes

  1. paps says:

    what is de-lurk?

    • Peter says:

      “aus dem Versteck kommen” … ‘lurker’ sind die die nur mitlesen aber nie was sagen, die muessen nun mal ein Zeichen geben also ‘de-lurk’

      • paps says:

        so i did re-lurk

        • Peter says:

          Naja, DU warst ja nie versteckt :) Klar daß Du so als erster Password bekommen wuerdest, ich denke aber noch an andere Loesungen, denn Passwort kann nervig sein … liebe Gruesse !!!

  2. ragazza says:

    Longtime reader since Torino here! I would love to be in the inner circle.

  3. Barbara says:

    Me please!

  4. Birge says:

    Could I also be part of your inner circle????? Happy Easter by the way.

  5. Cynthia says:

    I’m still here too! Let me know if you password protect this blog!


  6. Tammy Cocco says:

    Wait…..what? Must have my Nacken fix..and I just noticed this posting from March 29……

    • Peter says:

      Sorry, I am a bit behind with current posts … but so far everything is still ‘open’, for now I just have to avoid having ‘you know who’ in photos. You can get a more current fix on FB every now and then :)

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