First day of diving!

It has been quite a long while that Julius started his dive course, then we struggled to find a weekend that everyone could commit to for the open water check out dives, and when that finally happened, Julius’ sinuses were all stuffed up (as were his dive buddy Sydney’s) and those 2 kids were not able to finish the course.

We went to have Julius checked out by doctors, he was diligent at taking medication and since all the weekends were taken by paying customers AND diving here is only seasonal (monsoon coming), we HAD to finish somehow before spring break, which meant taking Julius out of school for two days.

And then the fun part was that I was ‘asked’ to join!

I had voiced several times that I’d be interested in coming along, but have not been diving in 11 years and felt I needed a refresher course first. So, I had my certification cards and my log book with me to hopefully tag along the next day, but there was space on the boat, and I think the dive master was happy to have another adult with him. But they did not tell me until 5 minutes before we left 😉

Funny story, this wetsuit I am (half) wearing is my very own, bought 20 years ago! Now fits again!

Other than my phone I did not have any camera with me, so for today we only have this very nice father & son shot.

It was an absolute joy to see Julius performing all his practice skills at 7m/20ft depth. Things like mask off, on, clearing. Weight belt off and back on. Buddy breathing. And just for fun, the dive master asked me to do all those skills as well (which I think constitutes my refresher course).

The teens got most of their duties done and we had ample time to explore the wreck of the MV Thermophylae Sierra, at spectacular visibility.

And here is one more picture of the dive students relaxing during surface interval. That thing poking out of the water is part of the wreck actually!

Tomorrow we are going again and I will search all night for my wannabe GoPro action cam which I barely tried out yet, but scuba diving seems to be the perfect opportunity!

On a side note, although Julius was dead tired, he still dragged himself (well, he was driven) to school, last orchestra rehearsal for big upcoming spring gala!

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