Boys’ day out!

Started the day with visiting my old pal Gojira at the TOHO studios, and seeing that they gave him his own mural now, which looks magnificent. The way the sun happened in that photo was pure coincidence and a strike of luck! Looks like his atomic breath!

Of course, we brought the violin along and just like home, it becomes harder and harder to get him to practice … but once he is playing, things are ok.

Another one of Julius’ ideas was going to Shimo-Kitazawa, a neighborhood known for ‘hip’ vintage clothes shopping. Julius had researched that there is a famous sticker design shop and he wanted to check it out.

While that shop was still closed, we had some fun at a ‘hard off’, which is a used ‘hardware’ shop. You can find all kinds of electronics there, for fun I let him hold and old-style 2kg video camera. “This is what daddies had to hold for hours before we had video on our phones’ … his mind was blown!

As for those vintage clothes shops, I was shocked about their prices! Every once in a while (mainly in the few summers we have been here) I find shirt sellers at flea markets and they sell their stuff for 500¥ a piece. Here though, it feels like you actually pay MORE than you would pay for new clothing. This is where the ‘hip’ part comes in. Needless to stay, besides a bunch of stickers for his laptop, we did not buy anything.

When it was time for lunch, we contacted mama, who ended up doing lunch with some associates, which gave us the chance to roam some more and by chance we came across a cozy looking Döner shop, which ended up being a very tasty and easy choice. More comfy than the place we usually visit in Akihabara.

Here some random shots from our train ride back.

And for dinner, the boys went to Bakatare again, since a special someone (who no longer wants to be featured on this blog) already had noodles for lunch (despite my intricate schedule of when we would have the Bakatare option) and did not feel like more noodles, very understandably.

By now we know the vending machine and all went smoothly.

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