The long trip home

Just like last time, in order to get a run in today, I had to get up at before 4AM.

And while we had fantastic weather all week, this morning I had a nice refreshing drizzle (which later would turn into real rain, when we had to haul our luggage to the station!)


By 6:30 we left our Japanese home, dragged our stuff while getting wet and took several trains to get to Tokyo station.

It was a bit of a hassle hurrying through underground walkways to find the correct exit closest to our bus stop, but in the end we made it and our bus brought us quickly to Narita.

The airport was surprisingly busy, but we managed to talk our way through the express security lane.

Now hungry, we found Yoshinoya for a hearty (and cheap, considering that airport food is usually expensive) beef bowl. Gotta love their endless display of food! We could have eaten way more.

While boarding was right on time (and I fell asleep while I waited for take off), when I woke up, we were still on the ground! Turned out that because of high winds we were grounded.

So we waited on the tarmac for nearly 2h. At least the FAs served some drinks. And in the end, we departed.

We had scored a row with a bit more leg space (not really exit row seats), but it was the middle aisle, so no window seats. And I had FAs and other passengers constantly bump into my entertainment unit, or had FAs butts in my face when they got trays out of a compartment right next to my seat.

But overall the 9h+ flight went ok, we got lunch and dinner, I watched two movies (Oblivion & Lucy), I was initially interested in the very first ‘Fast & Furious’ film, but the copy they had looked like a 4:3 VHS copy. No thanks.

We landed with the according delay, got to ride a fancy bus, thanks to our SL VIP vouchers.

Instead of standing at the conveyor belt, we waited comfortably in the lounge for our luggage to be delivered, were picked up and rode home, where our cat was very happy to see us again!

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