The 8 hour flight time passed by somewhat quickly and soon we ascended upon Narita airport.

Immigration was easy and luggage was all there, bus to Ginza and then 2 trains and we arrived home just in time to say hello to Obachan and then hurry to our favorite lunch spot, just before they would close for their 4PM break.

It was just as tasty and friendly as we had left it in January.

For the first time, I was so hungry that I not only did the extra egg and extra pork slices, but I also did the 100¥ upgrade at the end for a portion of freshly boiled noodles, since I still had plenty broth (and some pork) left.

After that, despite being tired as heck, I owed it to my body to get some running done. Beautiful sunset atmosphere and even some sakura along the way!

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