Winter Street Market

Once a month there is an antique market in our neighbourhood. But yesterday there was a whole street market / winterfest going on!

The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed the live music, the food stalls (we bought some interesting salami of wild boar .. and one with truffles), Julius found lots of fun battling other kids in a bouncy castle (video coming soon) and we actually ended up getting this seat/bench thingie (anyone know the correct term for this?)

It might not be really antique .. but we liked the look and the upholstry is new and we had an idea where we want to have it … and when I asked for the price, it was actually in an ok range .. so I bartered around a bit .. and took it home right away.

Picture IMG_3344.jpgPicture IMG_3347.jpgPicture IMG_3348.jpgPicture IMG_3353.jpgPicture IMG_3354.jpgPicture IMG_3357.jpg

Other highlights: drinking a nip of desert wine from a tiny cup made of chocolate, trying some cheeses, stoping by our neighbourhood wine place and share a glass of champagne, Julius running circles around us while dancing to ‘the girl from Ipanema’ (will be in the next video)

Julius really likes this new bench thingie !!!

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