Lunch with ‘the girls’ at Tobiko

We had another nice get-together of Torino expats … this time Shilpa suggested Tobiko … after having done a research if there are any places in Turin that offer the famous Korean dish Bibimbap.

The place is very nice, very Japanese looking, the menu was short and basic, me and Sarah had the lunch sushi special for 16€, many others had the bibimbap for 10€, Sharon had the soba of the day …

The lunch offer is very nice and includes little extras like soup and salad and even wine or water … Our sushi platter even had amaebi (sweet shrimp), which was a first for me to find here. The only downside, if there is one, Gina’s mom’s sashimi platter at 20€ looked a bit stingy ..

But once again we had lots of fun, discussing parenting issues and life in Italy and I am looking forward to our next lunch meeting.

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  1. gina says:

    A little late in my reply but it was fun and I can’t wait to do it again and again and again……

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