A little fever …

Not that going to the dentist already made my day … just when I left tooth place my trusty new mobile phone rang (Julius had smashed the screen of my last one) and, exactly the case why I keep carrying it around, Julius’ school called. He has fever … great …

I was at the other end of town and just flagging down a taxi is impossible .. so just check what street and house number you are and call them .. and they come (with already 4.10 EU on the meter) .. quickly back home, getting the carseat and gladly we have Adwoa’s car this weekend, so I could actually drive up there and get him.

He looked down and sleepy when I saw him, but that might be due to the fact that it was nap time at the school. According to the teacher they measured 38.1C and since they have some kids with tummy bugs they thought it was best to send Julius home.

Once we were back home I rechecked and it was 38.3C .. but he was now very awake and besides rosy cheeks, he was pretty peachy.

Around 3 PM he finally felt like taking a nap and fell asleep in my arms. And finally he would let me transfer him to the bed.

He slept 2 hours and woke up even peachier with still the same temperature … they told me at school that he had refused to eat anything … so I tried something new: I made him an egg/custard/souffle thingie with carrots, peas, ham and cheese … easy to eat and he loved it (and yes, the shark trick worked again very well)

Later we checked him again and he was down to 37somethingC .. and behaving like the little menace he is sometimes .. but he went to bed ok (well, he dragged it out as far as possible again) and I sure hope that he will be fine again tomorrow.

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  1. Lilly says:

    What a beautiful boy even with the reddish cheeks. I love his little hand. From your later posts it looks like he’s all better now which is good. I watched your shark video. Looks like your a great dad!

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