Clipping nails

Actually .. I am not a big fan of nail clippers .. I rather use the plain old nail scissors ..

So, while Ritsu is mainly in charge of the hair cutting, I am having a good raport with Julius about cutting nails . he is actually very cooperative. And it seems his nails are growing like crazy …

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3 Responses to Clipping nails

  1. Tammy says:

    Shark feeding, camera operator, travelogue expert, food connoisseur, and now toe-nail cutter…you are the Renaisance Man, Peter!

  2. jaelithe says:

    I agree– the scissors are SO much better for little fingers and toes than the clippers!

  3. Peter says:

    i always compare clipper and scissors to this image … either you slice a bread with a nice breadknife … or you take a blunt knife and just squeeze it down until the bread breaks … clippers are basiacally squishing the nail and ripping off the unwanted part … in my humble opinion :)

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