Back at the Farm (and pretty much offline)

We are back at ‘our’ farm for the 4th consecutive summer and we discovered the novelty attraction: 2 goats

This time there is no more internet. Well, they set up a USB stick especially for me (seems like I am the only guest who demands internet), but with the location out in the woods here, all I get is 2G / Edge, which is just no speed to do anything with. Most pages don’t even respond. So I am quickly typing this standing in front of our hosts kitchen, in the blazing sunlight, squinting at the screen :)

There is a little boy here, visiting with his grandma, and he adopted Julius very quickly as his surrogate big brother.

And while it was pretty much overcast today, towards sunset it got rather pretty.

And our first farm dinner was a German staple: Fish sticks with ‘Buttergemüse’

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