Got Cold – Need Hats!

Over night it has gotten really cold!

Wasn’t it like 28-30˚C just 2 days ago? And this morning it was down to 13˚C.

But somehow Julius wanted to go out with his sketch book (and in my jacket), but after a while it was just too cold.


Since we had to go back to the next town to resupply our fridge, we stopped by our usual shenanigans place KiK&Tedi, where we goofed around with the plethora of hats, until I found (and actually bought) this green skull / halloween leftover beanie which I had found in the 10 cents bin.

Once we got back, Julius kept trying to entice the resident peacock to sing along his violin play.

Maybe it was too cold for that, too.

But now that I had a warm beanie (and I actually had packed my running gloves), I set out to get utterly lost in the woods :)

This is me after getting out of the forest, checking the signage and realizing just how far away I am from my starting point (those windmills faintly visible in the back)

And I did mention gloves, right?

My problem was that instead of just retracing my steps the way I came, I had gotten cocky and tried to rely on my sense of direction (which was actually spot on) and the hope to find some cross path (instead I came across a 3m ravine which I rather did not feel like crossing), so, back through the ‘there is no path anymore forest’ until I was safely on my way back.

Eventually I made it back safe and sound with a slight salt crust around my eyes.

Dinner today was a simply, but also very delicious meal of Schlemmer Filet (some white fish covered in a flavorful crust) and our usual veggie medley.

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