Flea Market, Round 2

It is Sunday again, which in Germany means ALL shops are closed, but there’s at least one flea market in the vicinity.

By now Julius’ patience holds for about an hour and he actually sees some stuff he at least wants to check out, or old toys from his childhood, like a bag full of Bakugan. Always fun is always flipping through old record covers (what were they thinking?) and on rare occasions there is even a fun find:

I saw this headphone box, looked inside, headphones looked rather pristine, never seen this make / model before, but at a 2€ price tag, how could I say no?

Googling has brought up very little so far, only that something like that (without box) was sold on ebay for 30€ recently.

The writing on the box is all German, there is NO mentioning of a manufacturer or country of origin (no ‘made in China’), I actually think this might be an old relict from the 1970ies GDR!

Very unique is that they have a switch from stereo to mono, and volume knobs on each side.

Since there was no way of shopping for food today, dinner was pizza from a nearby place we usually order at least once a summer from.

Grandpa just wanted salad. And I don’t recall that Julius’ Hawaiian comes with no tomato sauce …

Today’s Outdoor Run:

Getting a bit more adventurous, trying to find new ways, even if it includes crossing ‘big’ streets (which were mercifully un-busy this Sunday afternoon). Trying to get close to those fascinating windmills, but then the path looped around and I found myself in an area I knew and was able to run a sweet 8K loop.

Very dark skies, but no rain.

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