So .. THIS is what Julius is doing all day … (video)

This is a very rare treat … secret footage from the hidden undergroung agency known as ‘kindergarten’ .. at yesterday’s xmas party they showed a longer version of this .. and sure enough, I had to get my greedy hands on it .. re-edit it … change the music and such …

The most fun parts are the sing-alongs .. you can make out the last sung words (mani, piedi … ) sung by 00J .. and my guess is that this footage is actually over half year old (seems he is still in the pre-summer little kid class) …

While I am still all for installing webcams in the classrooms .. this has to do for now .. please enjoy!

Oh .. and I lost all faith in what youtube decides is a matching reference frame of the video .. so .. collage up there and youtube link to the video here.

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