Exploring Frankfurt

The many times we have been visiting my dad, we have not made it to the center of nearby Frankfurt … mainly because it is very crowded during ‘normal’ days …

But 25th and 26th of december are super tight holidays in Germany and pretty much everything is closed .. all we found were a few touristy restaurants around the Römer, the St. Paul’s church and .. believe it or not .. a Starbucks and a Subway

Julius fell asleep in the car and was still totally sleeping when we arrived .. so I had to carry him around for a while .. but he got peachy pretty quick once he woke up and he enjoyed walking around and discovering ducks and swans in the nearby river.

Its a shame that German law prohibits shops from opening those 2 days after xmas … people have money in their pockets and time to shop … but the inner city of Frankfurt was dead … besides some junkie who was still not ready to pass out and kinda scared us by his antics … But it was nice on the other hand that it was pretty empty and parking was no problem .. but it was also very cold ..

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3 Responses to Exploring Frankfurt

  1. jane says:

    Have a safe trip to Japan and hope you enjoy Disneyland! Look forward to reading about your travels and even more to catching up with you in 2007! Happy New Year! J,W,J&M

  2. Rose says:

    I love it when cities are closed for Christmas. I hope they never change the law.

  3. Franziska says:

    Frankfurt was totally overcrowded afterwards when everybody went to town to exchange unwanted Christmas presents AND stock up on things before the MwST rise.
    I don’t mind shops being closed during the holidays, the only ones I would have liked open were supermarket, I am so used to being able to do food shopping whenever I want to.

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