Return to Kletterwald

As we did last year, we waited for good weather (and a week day with less people) to go back to the nearby forest adventure park ‘Kletterwald Taunus’.

Having learned from our previous experience, we opted for gloves this time (3.90€ p.p.), which made things much less strenuous to touch.

We wanted to start with Course #7, because it has the longest zip line, but that one was still closed, so we started with the medium difficult #6, which we had not done yet.

And even though Julius took a slight tumble on this one with some painful contact of wooden boards to his back, after this one he wanted to do the black (very difficult) #11, which he can do age wise (as long as he is with me. On one course he was actually asked by a supervisor about his age, in German, and he replied properly, also pointing out that his slow dad is just behind him 😉 ). There is another black course, which he can do in 3 weeks, when he turns 14.

This one was rather tough, not that it was high or risky, but it was very demanding. Our arm muscles were properly sore after that. But then we still wanted to do the long zip line and #7 was open.

I did not bother with video this time. For that I can always look at last year’s.

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