Greetings from Japan

After a 11.5 h flight we have arrived in Narita and stay the first night at the Narita Garden Hotel .. while we thought this might be in the middle of nowhere, we found out that there is a shopping mall nearby and so we took a 30 walk and found a plethora of great restaurants (the hotel restaurant’s menu was not very impressive) and so we selected a seafood specialty place and after some fresh scallop sashimi I totally Ikura’d out on a rice dish with a very generous portion of ikura (which I shared with Julius, who focused on picking those shiny orange pearls out one by one) and Ritsu had a mixed platter of very delightful bits.

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  1. Antonin says:

    Welcome to Japan ! I didn’t know you were already here :) Would be fun to meet you with Patrick some time. How long are you staying ?
    Happy new year !


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