Japan Day 2: Trip to Shirahama

Our second day started very early at 2:30 AM with a crying and jet-lagged toddler. Once we were all awake we noticed that we were hungry again and I did 2 quick trips to the nearby konbini to get some nice food.

We then fell asleep again around 5 AM and our alarm clock was set for 9 AM … But after it rang and Ritsu turned it off we all kept sleeping and if Ritsu’s mom hadn’t called at 10:34 (check out is at 11) who knows how much longer we had slept.

We actually managed to get packed and ready in 25 minutes and did not have to pay any overtime charge for the room.

Then our trip to the south tip of the peninsula started. First a free shuttle bus from the hotel to the Narita train station, then a half hour train ride to Chiba and from there another 1:45 h train ride to Tateyama.

There we had to change to a local bus and once that one moved we were soon in Shirahama, where our ryokan had already sent a driver to pick us up. I always feel bad for these small Japanese guys who have to deal with our 32 kg monster of a suitcase. There as not enough space in the trunk, so it rode on the passenger seat.

We were greeted very nicely at our home for the next 3 nights, the Monya Ryokan, shown our beautiful, sea-view room and explained all the bath details.

Ritsu went for a first bath with Julius right away while I took a walk outside in some extremely windy weather (The wind had been a storm some days ago, which kept fishermen from taking their boats out and even our train line was out of service for 2 days, so we got very lucky)

At 7 PM dinner was served in our room … Let’s rather called that a seafood feast. Too many items to name, just take a look at the pictures. Besides a luscious sashimi tray (with a slightly tacky plastic bonsai tree)

we had 2 warm dishes (one fish, one chicken), several trays of tiny delicacies (e.g. monk fish liver, salmon with ikura on daikon, some mini fish that peaked Julius’ interested, but somehow was too boney to really get to the meat), soup of course and a salad, rice and I think my favorite was a piece of fish wrapped with some mushroom in a leaf and it was served with an interestingly preserved egg yolk.

For desert we had mini tomatoes which had been cooked in red wine, fresh kiwi and pineapple as well as kisses by Julius.

All in all it was fantastic, but we managed to eat pretty much all of it (we later noticed that one item that was on the list, a mini tuna don, was missing, so we are promised to get that for breakfast)

We then relaxed, digested and around 10 PM I went to take a bath with Julius. While he had been a very good boy when he went with his mama, he was a terrible terrorist toddler (TTT) this time around. Recently he just does not listen to me at all, and combine that with a big pool of water, and you can imagine the fun we had (he just decided to hop in while I was still shampooing my hair) but he did not drown and he just loves the very warm water and the height of the bath is perfect for him (as long as he does not trip and fall).

Bathing made us both tired and around midnight we were sleeping on our futons.

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