Japan Day 3: Blue skies, nice walks and J’s first yukata (video)

Another early get up day … When jet lag aftermath awoke me at 4 AM, I noticed that Julius was also rustling around and I kept very quiet, hoping he would fall asleep again. He tried several times, but then he just sat on the futon, looking around, a bit later trying to explore the room in the dark, finally, around 4:45 AM he uttered in his tiny whiny morning voice the question for one of his travel toys … “space ship?”

So, sleeping was over and we tried to make the best of it until the breakfast call at 8AM. E.g. I took a walk around the small peninsula here that has a nice light house while the sun was rising and some early birds greeted me with a polite ‘ohayo gozaimasu’. And Ritsu had an early morning bath with the kid.

Breakfast was fantastic, typical Japanese, mainly seafood (i.e. A miso flavored fish) and a lot of it. Our waitress lady, who also seems to be our main guest relations focal point, had a chat with Ritsu about possible activities in the area and the spa treatment schedule of the day. While playing rough with Julius (actually, HE was playing rough and she tried to defend herself.) [Yes, click here for the video]

We geared up and went out to find the local supermarket to get one of J’s new favorites: a juice made half of fruit, half of veggies. The weather was getting much better and we had a very blue sky and only some wind for the rest of the day. The supermarket shopping was fun as usual and Julius suddenly fell asleep in his stroller. We returned with our loot and put the little guy down on his kid size futon and just hung out and marveled at the view.

Lunch plans were changed as we were not hungry enough to go to e restaurant, so I did the trip to the supermarket again and got some sashimi, onigiri, bread (which turned out to go by the name of ‘nice stick’ and was filled with some icky fake strawberry cream, which I scraped out as much as I could before giving it to Julius) and crackers.

Just after 2 PM Ritsu was picked up for her first spa treatment (something about soaking your arms and feet in 42C water to make you sweat and lose 2% of your body fat within 20 mins) and I finally got Julius to wake up. After trying to feed him we went for a walk to the rocky beach just across the street and he had a blast with sticks of dried sea grass and ‘see how I can kick sand around’.

Upon return I dressed him in his yukata (which we had asked for at breakfast) and looked very comfortable in it.

Dinner .. What can I say … Not without reason did we select this place for being known to be a seafood lover’s dream. There was shark fin soup, a fish head with an eyeball the size of a hazelnut (supposedly you can eat it .. I tried .. But it was impossible to bite through … The outside tasted like boring egg, but we were told it is very healthy) and very yummy meat all around (the cheeks are supposed to be the best part of the fish anyways) a big shrimp with a mayo-scallop, a gorgeous selection of sashimi .. The food just kept coming and I just kept taking pictures…

Afterwards we felt like exploding and were all very tired. The little one went to bed at a fairly civilized time for a change … Which worries me a bit, thinking how early he might wake up again tomorrow …

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2 Responses to Japan Day 3: Blue skies, nice walks and J’s first yukata (video)

  1. sharon says:

    Happy New Year Peter! The bad news is that by the time you adjust to the time difference it will be time to go back to Turin again!! By the way I hope you passed on the Sharks Fin … (*frowns*)

  2. Peter says:

    Let’s say I heavily frowned upon the sharkfin usage … and then ate it … as an avid (semi retired) diver I do not approve the use of shark fin … but as a curious eater .. I had to at least try it

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