We started our descent onto Colombo on time, but this was one of the roughest approaches I had in a long time! We were rollercoastering so much, that after landing a young boy close to us, very audibly, relieved himself into his air-sickness bag.

Once off the plane, there was no one at the line for diplomat immigration. By now I was very tired and my patience was running thin. The monkey circus at the baggage claim nearly made me snap, with the crowds standing right at the belt, not giving space to these waiting in a distance and then trying to get their luggage.

Took a while, but in the end all 4 pieces arrived intact, our driver was waiting (by now it was 4AM) and he drove us home.

We tiptoed into the house and directly went to bed.

After some good sleep, the rest of the day was mainly unpacking, lunch at home with Ritsu, and in the evening we went for a nice sunset walk to help us adjusting to this time zone.

For dinner we returned to Dolce Italia, our absence has been noted.

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