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Instead of running, I started the day with a very nice 2Km pool swim!

Swimming is not really my strong suit, but neither was running, and I feel very much that I want to get better. First step in the right direction are those new goggles, which help me a lot to forget about losing my contact lenses and instead I can focus on breathing.


No one at our resort could tell me how long this pool is. For a hotel pool it is actually quite long.

Last night I measured 46 steps, and confirmed today by using google earth that it is over 50m long.


And one my way back to our room, I found both, Ritsu & Julius, busy at the gym!
Total fitness family!

Recently, Julius has shown quite some interested in a healthier life style, he is asking all kinds of questions about food, work out and tries to apply several of our suggestions.

For example, for breakfast, after he had his cereal with milk, he ordered a salad with chicken breast! Leafy greens in the morning!

The breakfast here is one of the big reasons why we keep coming back! It is offered all day and once you sit down you can order as much as you want. And they still have the same fantastic stuff as before.

Ritsu started with a crepe & fruit, then nibbled some of ‘my’ bread and cold cuts before she got some Asian noodle dish.

I had been thinking about eggs benedict while swimming already, with a side of bacon, then the Italian cold cut platter and dark rye bread, finished with a low fat strawberry yogurt!

With all this, who needs lunch?

The rest of the morning I was goofing around with Julius in the pool or the shallow low-tide waters just off the beach, while Ritsu was reading and waiting for her next massage appointment.

What followed was a long mid-day break, out of the heat, R&J were mainly lounging around while I returned to the ‘gym’ to run, unfortunately some other guest was hogging the only treadmill, using it as his standing / walking desk while having loud phone calls with his office.
Julius joined me for 15 full minutes on the elliptical!

Eventually Mr. Office-on-Vacation was done and I got to run a glorious 12K in 56minutes.

For dinner we went to a street food avenue, which is rather new, I remember that they were working on it when we were here last 2 years ago.

Reminding me of the hawker food markets of Singapore, here you have 4-5 kitchens with seating areas next to each other, and without detailed examination it does look like they are serving pretty much all the same ‘Thai Food’, so, after perusing the menu of the first and seeing ample patrons seemingly enjoying their food, we sat down and ordered.

And indeed, everything was very good! Though language wise, I was quite surprised that our waitress had a very limited command of English. But we got everything sorted out.

Julius had salad (AGAIN!) with shrimp, Ritsu went for green chicken curry and I had one of my favorite northern Thai dishes: Laab Moo (ลาบหมู), a spicy minced pork salad. Ok, I would hardly call that a salad, though there are quite some veggies. The chef lady asked with a very concerned face if I was serious about wanting to have it spicy Chiang Mai style. Oh, it was spicy, but oh-so-good! We all shared a spicy green papaya salad and then a mango-sticky-rice dessert. And all this for around 15USD.

Somehow Julius was very excited about finding a GER colored Coke can. And a cat to approach after dinner.

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