Tsukiji Fish Market – double the lunch fun before noon

We realized just how lucky we have been with the weather when today it was raining for the first time … and I can’t even imagine how much that would have screwed up our days at Disney. But brave and silly as we are we went out anyways. Utako came by and was our well prepared tour guide for the Tsukiji Fish Market, which is only a 12 minute busride away from our hotel.

The main part of the market seems to be wholesale only, so we focused on the small shops and eateries in the vicinity while avoiding being run down by odd looking motorized vehicles (one rider standing while regulating speed and direction with a big wheel, lots of space behind him for crates of fish).

Though it was just 10 AM, we headed straight for lunch, since lines were already forming at the more popular places. We had decided on a small hole-in-the-wall place which offered some of my dream food … like uni-ikura don. But .. they had a nasty sign outside that they do not want any small children in their 15 seat only counter style place. And to confirm that, one of the chefs poked his head out and told us that we should not even try … I was very sad.

But soon we found a place with a similar menu and nicer seating arrangement and as it turned out, really nice uni and ikura and beer (before noon .. uh oh)

After this first early lunch we went on through the rain and the crowd .. note to self: bringing stroller when it is raining is a waste of hand capacity … I ended up carrying Julius and an umbrella in one arm … but this kid is not losing any weight …

We bought some fresh furikake and ikura and then went on to find another hole in the wall place that specializes on tempura. I find it amazing how these tiny places can exist. The whole restaurant was something like 20 squaremeters and half of it was the kitchen and a tiny bathroom … and in the other half they had squeezed 2 tables for 4 people each and there were 5 seats at the counter …

The food was very nice but as soon as we had finished we were asked to leave (since there were people already waiting outside in the rain). Full, happy and tired we went for the subway station and headed back to the hotel.

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