Julius meets Patrick (first time) and Yuko (again)

On our last evening we managed to meet up with 2 old friends: Patrick, who I have know for years online and met before on several occasions and Yuko, who we visited in Egypt in 2005 and who visited us last your in Turin.

We had made a booking at a place specializing in hot pots, since one of my last cravings was sukiyaki. And Ritsu had found an online coupon which dropped the price per person from 4900Yen to 2900Yen … quite a difference. The restaurant was very nice, Japanese ‘sit on the floor’ style and Julius enjoyed running around and it seems that other guests around us did not mind him, though he was extremely hyper.

He showed a lot of affection towards Patrick, which is rare .. he ususally reserves this for girls .. with Yuko he played pretty rough towards the end, knocking her on the floor from time to time. The food was pretty good, but I found that the size of the portion could have been a bit more generous … at 4900Yen that would have been a rip off. We even could apply the coupon to get a second, different hot pot so we had a variety of stuff to enjoy.

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