Birthday Bash

I know from my own childhood, that having a summer birthday usually sucks, as it falls usually into summer break and no one is around to party with.

This time though, Julius’ birthday was just 2 days before start of school, and while not enough time to plan anything elaborate, his friend Lenny was already back in town and so I planned a fun day out with the boys.

Starting with splashing around the school’s pool:

Followed by the very rare ‘treat’ of having lunch at McD:

Then we walked down to the brand new Marino Mall to check out their ‘Amusement Park’ with ‘9D Cinema’ (who is counting those ‘D’s ???), we strapped on some VR goggles and buckled up into some moving contraptions to give it a try.

But, alas, especially the boys found the entertainment value rather limited, as they said ‘That was amusing’, no WOW factor. My theory: while the seats and exterior fittings all look brand spanking new, the actual ‘games’ look and feel very very dated. Like something I would have played on my iPhone 4 back in 2010. The pixelation of the displays was anything but hi-res and the game play was rather meh.

Here a quick video of the boys being rattled around:

I was surprised though that after 2 of those games the boys were not interested in trying any more, even though I had given them extra money.

Well, instead with had ice cream:

And the boys goofed around, i.e. ‘hiding’ in the main window among the mannequins:

The main event of the day was then going to the movies to watch Tom Cruise throw himself out of planes, off buildings and doing a LOT of running.

(Note: Julius, age 14 now, still insists on having a booster seat! 😀 )

Mission Impossible: Fallout was highly entertaining, though the double / triple twist this series sometimes employs are (at least for me) more confusing than they should be.

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