Japan Day 4: Changing rooms at Monya – Cat play (video)

Needless to say that we had another early morning get up and I tried to keep Julius busy … by 6 AM finally I could go to the bath with him, which he loved and we stayed for nearly an hour .. then hush hush getting dressed without waking up mama and then we were out for a nice morning walk and were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise.

While waiting for breakfast, Julius checked out just how far he can climb up that store’s shutter before daddy would come to get him down (but of course, daddy had to take pictures first.)

Breakfast was great again and Julius loved especially the grilled fish.

The main item of the day was that we had to change rooms. It is a bit complicated .. the 2 nights before they had offered special packages that we had booked and that got us that nice, new room .. but since we are close to new years, there are no plans available anymore and booking ‘just’ the room we had would have become fairly pricey, so for the last night we booked a ‘basic’ room (kinda hoping they would upgrade us to stay in our room .. since from what we heard from other guests, hardly anyone stays more than 2 nights). So we packed our stuff as neatly as we could and just left it in the room .. and the we headed out for a long walk … exploring the little peninsula with its little light tower where Julius got to play with a little cat … these little kittens are great .. they do not run away from him … and somehow he managed to not get wacked .. no cat scratching occured.

We then did a visit to the supermarket and got some onigiri for lunch .. then back to our ryokan and we found all our stuff moved to our new room. Yep, there is a reason the rooms in the older part of the building are cheaper … they are smaller and older .. but we did not mind much .. it actually had a bit more charme and we still had a fantastic seaview.

We spent the afternoon napping and lounging around and waiting for dinner … I took another bath with Julius so we were spending most of the time in our lounge wear (yukata)

Dinner was a little less spectacular (since we were neither on the fancy seafood nor healthy plan) but still pretty great.

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