There is no global warming …

.. and it is not January and it was not 22C / 72F here today … yeah .. I know, some of you think that Italy has eternal sunshine .. but it is supposed to be snowing and freezing around here at this time … kinda freaky ,..

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  1. jane says:

    it was actually due to the hurricane in Europe, the Alps of course prevented most of the winds arriving in Turin but it seems we got the warm winds from Africa.

  2. jaelithe says:

    I don’t know– it was 65 degrees F here in the Midwestern U.S. a few weeks ago, and we didn’t have any hurricanes.

    So far our local winter has pretty much been seesawing between unseasonably warm temperatures and seasonable temps accompanied by wicked ice storms. We finally had real snow yesterday, but everyone was so convinced it would be ice again instead that the hardware store down the street was selling generators like hot cakes before the snow hit (because the ice storms have been knocking out electricity, you see).

  3. blubalu says:

    Today winter has started in southern Germany finally. For tomorrow about 20cm of snow have been announced here. But then, it won’t last for long. In about 5 days it will be mild again.
    As bad as it might be in the long term, I like this mild winter. I never loved cold winters or snow…

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