Sleepeater Part 2 (video)

Not as hillarious as the first time around, but still pretty funny.

I got a phone call from the kindergarten that Julius had 38.8C / 101.8F temperature so I took a taxi to go pick him up … He was already pretty sleepy but stayed awake at home and fought any suggestion of laying down in bed … until it hit him at the table, munching away on crackers …

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  1. Zaffy says:

    yoohooo! it’s me Zaffy again.
    I do visit the site from time to time ..however I am very disappointed I don’t see any of the pyjamas collection ! 😉

    your son is cuter and cuter (like daddy and momma hee hee)

    wuggle (remember him as Libertine from #mylene?) was pretty impressed by your blog :)

    my greetings from Greece, its not winter here either..



  2. Hi there!

    Pictures of your children, in your blog, I got the same, in my blog.
    It´s a fun thing, to take pictures of the daily life, with the children.


    Take care.


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