Inspection of the JS Kaga (public version)

I learned that when VIPs get a ship sight-seeing tour, they call it an ‘inspection’

We got an invitation to go see the inside of the Colombo port and visit the DDH184 JS Kaga, on tour for 2 months in the Indo-Pacific region.

We entered this helicopter carrier through the ‘garage’ and received all around very thorough & informative descriptions (all in Japanese)

First up, the bridge, where Julius took over the captain’s chair.

On flight deck with missile defense canon in the back.

Spotted this monk taking pictures and thought this would make a great shot, only got a few seconds to set up.

One final shot from my trusty right ‘selfie’ arm: We don’t ever get to see the skyline of Colombo from this angle (unless on port runs 😉 )

What a fun outing, everything was meticulously clean, very well organized, everyone super polite … I was only surprised that the ship got to unload all their plastic trash (we witnessed this just before we got on board, clear bags full of typical Japanese vending machine style empty plastic & aluminum bottles) on this small island nation … as if we don’t have enough plastic trash already.

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