Still kinda sick

Sorry again for the lack of updates … but the situation with Julius had been a bit of a roller coaster ride:

Last weekend we finished giving him his medication and he seemed ok again, so off to kindergarten on Monday. I had noticed a somewhat funny looking rash in his diaper area and started treating that with some ointment. Kindergarten called during the day asking if I had noticed that and if they should apply some cream, too, which they kindly did …

The the night from Monday to Tuesday, Julius suddenly coughed a bit weird and that led to throwing up 3 times and giving us really mean looks (as if it was our fault). So I let him sleep in next day and called the school that he would stay at home for observation. But once he woke up he was very peachy and enjoyed the day at home with papa. But I noticed that this skin rash was not really getting better. Until Wednesday morning, when I had the impression it had gotten better …

I called kindergarten again that Julius is coming again, but that he still has this rash. Then Wednesday afternoon kindergarten called again, saying that they think we should see a doctor with that rash.

Once again I called Dr. Mostart and he was willing to drop by and check on kiddo. He arrived at 8PM and had an interesting explanation for us, which I hope I get straight again: Due to his cough last week, Julius must have swallowed a lot of his own mucus (which partially he threw up) … but what was already in his stomach made his poo more acid, thus more aggressive once in the diaper.

Besides prescribing a special cream for the rash and something to help J’s stomach, he recommended that Julius should stay out of diapers for the next 48 hours … which of course sounds like a lot of fun.

This morning I went out with Julius to get the medication and since then I have been chasing him with a towel and keep reminding him about his potty, which he used occasionally (so far we had ‘only’ 2 floor accidents). He seems healthy besides that rash, but the doctor said the cream will fix that within 48h …

I hope I get to add some pictures and some past updates today and tomorrow … so keep scrolling down from time to time.

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2 Responses to Still kinda sick

  1. Sue says:

    We know how this goes … Tau has had a viral stomach bug for going on 11 days now. Nasty diaper issues, throwing up, mild fever, coughing, runny nose — you name it. Hard to juggle this when we are both working and daycare won’t take him. Despite all this, he’s in a great mood — it’s the parents that need a tropical vacation! He has spent much of his waking time watching videos. Let’s just say we’re looking forward to both Julius and Tau getting better … in part because we’re watching the same Julius videos over and over (the Shark eating one is a favorite at the moment) and look forward to new ones … and of course because we wish Julius better :-)

  2. Peter says:

    I hope that Tau is getting better, too. And yes, we keep working on the videos (there is actually one on youtube I have not even published here yet)

    For some odd reason, your comment was in my ‘awaiting moderation’ queue … which I only check from time to time .. glad I found it :)

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