Cascina Barac, wonderful B&B near Alba

For our pigging out weekend, Ritsu had found this beautiful place for us to stay the night: Cascina Barac.

Only a few minutes away from Alba, it is nestled on top of one of the many wine covered hills and has a great view (if only the weather would not have been that murky). the place looks like it has been recently redone, our ‘junior suite’ was impeccable and the manager was very nice and resourceful. Too bad that they stopped operating a restaurant, the website made it sound really nice (and convenient … no more driving winding roads after dinner) but we got a really good recommendation for a nearby osteria (which I will talk about later).

The breakfast was also very nice, everything we wanted and lots of it (but we were still digesting two large meals from Saturday)

I can highly recommend this B&B as a romantic getaway. But, while everyone is very nice and they do have a baby bed and a high chair, it is not the perfect spot to bring little kids. There are no animals to play with, the outside area is not very safe (e.g. thorny shrubs everywhere) .. so, it is ok for one night, but it is not a ‘farm vacation’.

But as you can see, Julius had a fun time throwing sticks down a slope and then try if he can walk down there (which he managed .. 3 out of 4 times)

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