Neighborhood Sushi … a dream come true?

Something wonderful has happened: a sushi place opened just a minute walk away from our house .. actually I think I can do it in less than a minute … technically there is no closer commercial space they could have opened.

This is very tempting .. but since we were out for a italian food pig-out weekend, we waited until Monday to try the place.

It is 99% likely that this “Oriental KiKi” belongs to the ‘other’ KiKi we have visited a while ago (and again) .. at least they use the same logo.

They label themselves as a ‘sushi bar & take away’ .. not a restaurant (but they sure charge coperto … more on that later). They also open at 6:30 PM, which is great for us .. since Julius demands food around 6 PM and Italian restaurants open usually at 8 .. maybe 7:30 ….

So .. we were actually the only guests while we were there .. some people dropped in for take out and we noticed nicely gold on black written reservation cards for much later.

We had 3 rolls: Unagi (eel), Shake (salmon with avocado) and spicy tuna … and then a tempura udon soup and for desert Ritsu had the green tea ice cream. All we drank was a shared 0.5 litre bottle of Kirin beer. See how much fun Julius had with the chopsticks and eating his sushi:

youtube link

While the quality was really good, the service nice and the setting quite new york-ish .. the big draw back: the price tag! For the above mentioned we paid 50 EU .. that is by now 75USD !!!! … compared to what we had the weekend before … this was rather a snack .. a good one .. but THAT expensive ???

And they do not offer any lunch special menu … or discount for take out .. and only one restaurant before this has charged coperto for Julius (which was 2EU per person). While coperto in Italian restaurants usually means cover charge .. and gives your bread sticks / bread, in some cases even bottled water … here there was nothing.

Which makes me kinda sad .. it is so great to have a good quality sushi place around, and even with their silly pricing, they will survive, as our neighborhood has lots of young people with money … I think they should offer a discount to people who live in a 200m radius :)

Here is the full menu

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3 Responses to Neighborhood Sushi … a dream come true?

  1. BlogWhore says:

    this is how fricking rural our community is, we were excited for a pizza ranch.

    google it, i’m too ashamed to go into detail.

  2. penny says:

    am I missing something here? How about telling us something about life in Fiji – or at least rename the blog.

  3. Peter says:

    Bula Penny … well .. the blog is named nacken .. and it clearly says at the top that we are currently blogging from Italy .. if you look at the archive pages on the right or select the fiji button on the left .. you will get to the fiji related posts … we lived there for 3 years .. but not anymore .. I wonder where you might have gotten a misleading title from .. cheers and vinaka vakalevu

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