The ongoing potty train story

I am keeping at it with the diaper free time in the afternoon. Usually at first Julius will object and comes running at me singing his sad ballad ‘diaper change’ … I console him and tell him he does not need a diaper right now, that he is a big boy and that he is doing so well with the potty … then he goes to the drawer and grabs a diaper and returns to me for an encore:

Then I distract him, let’s say with peeling and cutting a pear … and suddenly all is well.

As for the gory details: (Judging by the lack of comments, no one is reading these stories anymore anyway, so I can get into gory details)
Today I started reminding him several times about the potty and twice he went and did #1 … then a while later I noticed him in a squat position while playing and I was about to say something, when he got up by himself, sat on the potty .. and 5 minutes later he said ‘fato’ (Italian for ‘i am done’) and tadaa … #2 missed the floor. Yeah. A bit later he did the same thing again (without any reminder) with another pee.

Then it was time for bath, bed and beyond.

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4 Responses to The ongoing potty train story

  1. Jennifer says:

    That is great Peter! Even that he goes over to it on his own. At Jack’s nido, three little girls who just turned two have all been potty trained. Some of the mothers ask me when I am going to start Jack, but neither of us are ready. Jack still fervently denies ever having bowel movements at all.

  2. Allison says:

    My son just turned two. I am not going to start potty traing him until he is three. Before you say that is wrong, I am a child phycologist. And children who are potty trained at the age of three are more than likely to succeed quicker. With my son, that is what i’m going to do. While diaper changing is a bit of a hassle, i’ll keep doing it. I do only change him once a day.

  3. Peter says:

    Allison, i think it is great that you have your own road map .. and every kid is different … your son may surprise you with dry diapers sooner than you may think … in our case, we were ‘forced’ to start earlier than we had planned because of a bad skin rash and doctor’s orders ‘no diaper for 48 h’ … that was the kick off .. and looking back .. it worked quite well, especially the night diaper .. which needed no training at all … good luck and enjoy him while he is little … they grow up so fast !!!

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