One last drink …

.. before I go to bed …

It is a habit that needs to be eliminated sooner or later … but as part of his ‘going to bed’ routine, Julius asks for either juice or tea. As with last night, of course he asked for tea, because I had already put a cup of juice on the nightstand.

I wonder sometimes if he is really thirsty or if he is just going through is collection of ‘what else can I do to stay up just a little bit longer’? (The other evening he asked for yogurt, I told him that yogurt is breakfast food, but if he really is hungry he can have a banana … sure enough, after several ‘no’s he wanted banana .. and took his sweet time munching that away.)

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4 Responses to One last drink …

  1. Mom101 says:

    Oh yeah, we’re in the bedtime yogurt request zone as well. I’d say your staying up longer theory is spot on, Peter!

  2. Mark says:

    Zen, my son, has a habit of getting up and bring a toy to bed. Little toys are ok, but the other day he brought this battery operated train that makes lots of noise and lights up.

  3. Tammy says:

    We’re all still reading (and enjoying) your site, Peter. Keep it up! I just finished making all the arrangements with Hudson to travel back to Toberua next January…..a total of 10 of us! We’ll take over Bures 4, 5 and 6…me, Dan, kids, wives, husbands, and babies! I’ll soon be asking you for advice on traveling 10 hours via air with a 2 year old and a 1 1/2 year old. Any tips??

  4. sharon says:

    we’re still reading you Peter. though sometimes internet connection is wierd here. I love that “asleep” photo of J and good luck with the rest of the potty training! Sophie has had a slight rash too because she’s been in diapers for the last month with no errrr.. “air time” because we were travelling. Hopefully we get back on track with the pottying now that we are back.

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