Fried Rice Day

One thing I noticed on this trip was just how heavy on carbohydrates Sri Lankan cuisine is.

After a lot of research we found a nice looking lunch place 6km from us, but it turned out to be mainly a souvenir shop / bus stop.

Of course, when a tour bus pre-arranges lunch, they come up with a big buffet, but a la carte was very much just fried rice, fried noodle or curry with rice (which is usually 3/4 rice and then a blob of some curry)

The vegetable version only had a hint of vegetables, more like decoration. But at least tasty and filling.

But pretty much same story for the evening. We ventured out to a stretch of the road with about 5 restaurants. We looked at all the menus and found more of the same.

Judging by online reviews, tourists seem to love the ‘authentic taste’ and cheap price …

So, we avoided the places that looked too touristy and landed in a very un-assuming locale with very cheap prices and tasty food again …

Julius wanted to share some with a puppy dog who stayed patiently under our table the whole time.

Nice atmosphere outside, but with a bit of a run down / off season feel.

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